What is the difference between a ?screening? and an ?evaluation??

A screening is a very brief, overall glimpse at an individual?s communication skills. It skims over all areas of speech and language, including?articulation, fluency, voice, grammar, vocabulary, conversational skills, and language memory. Screenings usually take only 15-20 minutes to conduct, and are relatively inexpensive procedures. Screenings only indicate whether further, in-depth testing is warranted in […]

Does my child need to have his speech and language skills evaluated?

Typically, physicians or teachers will notice a delay or disorder in a child?s communication skills. They can recommend that your child be evaluated. Parents may also notice a delay in communication skills, and should discuss their concerns with their child?s doctor and teacher, or contact a speech-language pathologist for an evaluation. Parents may also notice […]

What causes speech and language disorders or delays?

Each speech and language disorder or delay is unique and can be caused by a variety of factors. It is important to have suspected speech and language problems evaluated by a licensed speech-language pathologist. After a full evaluation, a reason or possible cause, for the disorder or delay can be discussed.

Will my insurance cover my child?s speech & language therapy?

Some insurance companies do cover or reimburse payment for speech and language therapy services. RS Goldring Inc will check with your own company and review their policy coverage and restrictions to confirm. Please feel free to contact us regarding questions about your specific policy?s coverage benefits.

What is ?Natural Environment? therapy?

Natural environment therapy refers to speech and language therapy services being given in the client?s natural communication environments; whether it be his or her home, school, or after school care facility. We are proud to offer natural environment therapy services for several reasons, the top reasons being: we significantly reduce the client?s need to learn […]

Do I need a referral to receive speech or language therapy?

In some cases, with Medicaid clients for example, you may need a physician?s referral or prescription to receive therapy. Private-pay clients do not require a physician?s referral or prescription, but our therapists may ask for one to keep on file.